A neurological disorder called pseudotumor cerebri (PTC), which causes severe intracranial pressure and other symptoms similar to a large brain tumor, has been linked to the use of birth control pills and products.

The onset of PTC is marked by severe migraine headaches and problems with vision that occur when there is a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. This can be caused by an increase in fluid production or a decrease in fluid absorption.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine published more than 20 years ago linked PTC with birth control pills and contraceptive implants containing a hormone called levonorgestrel. Those products include Mirena IUD, Depo-Provera and Ortho Evra. The National Institute of Health has also warned that birth control pills increase the risk for developing PTC.

In addition, there have been case reports linking PTC to the use of exogenous estrogen, birth control injections and progestin-only implants.

PTC treatment options include prescription medication as well as a number of different surgical procedures, including a lumbar puncture to remove excess cerebrospinal fluid, the implantation of stents to drain excess fluid from the brain and an operation known as optical nerve fenestration that drains fluid behind the eye to relieve optic nerve swelling.

There have been a number of lawsuits filed against manufacturers of hormonal birth control products, alleging that consumers were not warned of the increased risk of developing PTC as the result of taking birth control pills or using certain birth control devices. If you were diagnosed with PTC after using a hormonal birth control product, you should consult with a personal injury attorney.

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