We have previously blogged about the need for younger drivers to have newer cars with newer technologies that can help them drive more safely. Statistically, young drivers tend to be involved in more wrecks; therefore showing the need for the newest technologies to help them improve their driving.

Recently, a study from AAA revealed a similar problem with older citizens. According to AAA nine out of ten senior citizens over the age of 65 have a health issue such as arthritis or poor vision that could affect their ability to safely operate an automobile. With 10,000 more Americans reaching the age of 65 daily, the concern for safety is going to become greater.

AAA looked at different groups of features that would help older Americans drive safer and more comfortably. There are many features to look for in a car that make driving easier and more comfortable for these citizens:

  • A car with a remote entry and remote start may help someone who has arthritis. Turning a normal key can be painful for someone with arthritic joints in their hands;
  • Electronic adjustable steering columns can help seniors become more comfortable when driving, as well as adjustable brake and accelerator pedals;
  • Heated seats can alleviate symptoms for someone who suffers from back pain or arthritis;
  • For the people with bad vision, large digital displays rather than gauges older vehicles display make it easier for the driver to read important information.
  • Cars that have high intensity headlamps can better illuminate a dark road for someone with poor night vision.

similar to teen drivers, senior citizens need new automobile technology for safety

There are numerous safety features that can help older Americans avoid collisions. One problem older citizens face is a diminished reaction time, therefore stressing the need to look for cars with features that give advanced warning of potentially dangerous situations. Many new cars have collision avoidance systems that will give audible alarms if the car determines that the driver is approaching an obstacle too quickly, or will apply the brakes if they feel the driver is not braking in a timely manner. These advanced systems can give the senior citizens the additional seconds they may need to avoid a collision.

A second valuable system is a park assist with rear-facing camera. This can be extremely valuable to someone who has difficulty moving or rotating their neck to see what is behind their vehicle or for one who may be shorter than average and unable to see adequately over the car seat. Park assist with a rear camera can allow a senior to back up while facing forward to view a monitor as he backs up. Some vehicles have what is known as a cross-traffic warning system; this will alert the driver of oncoming vehicles from either direction as they are backing out of a parking space. Other systems will give audible warnings if there are objects such as people in the path of the car as it is backing up.

Another feature is turn-by-turn voice navigation. This feature allows drivers to enter the destination street address before they start driving, while the car gives them audible turn-by-turn directions to their desired location. If the driver becomes lost, the navigation system can correct them and show them how to return to the appropriate route to their destination whether it is a doctor’s office, a family member’s house or even a popular new restaurant.

Driving can be stressful for anyone; but for older Americans who may have physical limitations with vision or mobility, the newer safety systems can help reduce the stress, ease the burdens of driving and reduce the risk of accidents or collisions.

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