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Author: Justin Roberts

Dangers of Long-Term Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors

Feb 11, 2016 - All by

Proton pump inhibitors or PPIs are one of the largest selling category drugs in the United States. They work to reduce the effects of acid reflux and heartburn by reducing the amount of acid the stomach produces. Well-known PPIs include Prilosec, Nexium and Prevacid; physicians wrote over 114...

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Proving Damages in a Nursing Home Injury or Abuse Case

Feb 9, 2016 - All by

Proving damages means to show evidence that an individual or organization caused harm and losses to another. If you slip and fall in a store due to water on the ground, an attorney would need to prove that the store was negligent in cleaning up the hazard or failed to warn about a wet floor and due...

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When Elder Abuse is Suspected

It is already difficult when you place a loved one into a nursing home, but the thought of your loved one being neglected or even abused enrages those who put their trust into a facility to take care of someone they care deeply about. Elder abuse often occurs to those that are frail and unable to...

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Beware the Dangers of Essure

Jan 26, 2016 - Miscellaneous by

Bayer Healthcare’s Essure birth control device was created to give women a quick and easy way to permanently prevent pregnancy. Over 750,000 women have chosen to undergo this procedure since its approval in 2002 because Bayer boasts that its product is nearly 100 percent effective in preventing...

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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Jan 26, 2016 - All by

Many people ask the question “What exactly constitutes as abuse by caregivers”. It’s an interesting question as elderly residents in a nursing home are under daily medical supervision for a reason. Sometimes abuse in these facilities can be difficult to confirm. Studies show that assisted...

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Beware the Dangers of Benicar HCT

Jan 14, 2016 - All by

Benicar HCT (olmestartan medoxomil hydrochlorothiazide) has been prescribed by physicians since 1995 to help lower blood pressure (hypertension) in millions of patients. The two primary drugs that create this medication; Olmestartan, is classified in a group of drugs known as angiotensin II...

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