How to Avoid a Wrong Way Driver

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How to Avoid a Wrong Way DriverEvery year, wrong-way crashes kill almost 400 people in the U.S. Texas has a statistically high number of wrong-way crashes, especially in metropolitan areas like Dallas where there are more freeways. And more freeways means more on- and off-ramps that confuse drivers, especially drunk drivers.

Police say that drivers should remember the following things that could save your life in case you encounter a wrong way driver:

Your hands on the steering wheel should be positioned at nine o’clock and three o’clock – not “10 and 2”.

Look up and ahead as you drive. Most people tend to look just a couple of hundred feet ahead of them. If you look further ahead, you will have more time to react to a wrong-way driver.

Do not slam on the brakes; this could cause your car to flip. Swerve quickly and hit anything but that oncoming car since the forces of a head-on collision are almost always fatal.

If you are driving after 10 p.m., stay out of the left lane, which is where a vast majority of wrong-way drivers are located. Stay as far right as possible. If you are faced with a wrong-way driver, swerve as far right as possible.

If the road reflectors you see as you drive are red, you are on the wrong side of the road! Most road reflectors are white or yellow when you are driving the right way. If you see red, stop and turn around immediately.

Finally, being alert and ready is your best protection against wrong way drivers – and gives you the precious extra seconds to react in time to avoid a head-on crash.

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