Home Depot Sued Over Brinkmann Propane Grill Explosion

Jun 30, 2017 - Class action by

Cut-out barbecue on white backgroundA Maryland man has filed a putative class action lawsuit against Home Depot, alleging that a Brinkmann 4221 propane grill he purchased at an Aspen Hill, MD, store exploded, causing severe burns to his face and neck.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff said he bought a Brinkmann Model No. 810-4221-S, advertised as a 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner, in May 2015. The grill was assembled by Home Depot and delivered to the plaintiff at the Aspen Hill Home Depot. He used the grill several times without incident during the first couple of weeks. However, on another occasion, he lit the grill, added the food and, upon checking the grill a few moments later, he noted that the grill was no longer burning. When he opened the lid, the grilling area burst into flame, causing the plaintiff to incur second-degree burns on his forehead and nose and first-degree burns on his cheeks and neck.

The grill is manufactured by Dallas-based Outdoor Direct Corporation, which has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Delaware. Since that filing automatically stays any litigation, the plaintiff said he chose to file suit against Home Depot as well as propane tank manufacturer AmeriGas Propane LP. The Brinkmann 4221 propane grill features an AmeriGas tank.

The suit alleges that the Brinkmann 4221 propane grill is defectively designed and manufactured, which can result in explosions and cause serious bodily harm or even death to consumers. The suit alleges that Home Depot is responsible for marketing a dangerously defective product.

The plaintiff is seeking class action status for all those similarly suited that purchased a Brinkmann 4221 propane grill or similar grill from Home Depot. He seeks a court order prohibiting Home Depot and AmeriGas from marketing the Brinkman 4221 grill. He is also seeking damages for himself as well as any other class members.

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