Senate Needs to Protect Consumers From Dangerous Foreign Products

According to government studies, in 2012 more than 78 percent of all products recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission were produced by foreign companies. The reason is simple. Foreign manufacturers can easily evade responsibility for their defective and unsafe products. Furthermore, by making unregulated and unsafe products they are able to produce less expensive products than the United States manufacturers that do have to meet strict safety regulations.

To sue a foreign manufacturer, the law typically requires that they be served in their country according to their laws. Unfortunately, many of these countries where cheap products are made have laws that favor their manufacturers, not United States consumers. Even if a United States consumer is successful in serving and suing a foreign manufacturer, collecting on that judgment is even more difficult.

Congress is now seeking to change this unfair situation. There is a bill currently pending in the United States House of Representatives called the Foreign Manufacturers Legal Accountability Act of 2013. The law would require foreign manufacturers or producers of covered products to register an agent in any state where the company does business to accept service of process for lawsuits and to consent to state and federal jurisdiction for all civil and regulatory claims making it easier to pursue claims where defective products are made by foreign manufacturers.

This law is intended to and will make American consumers safer and give American manufacturers a level playing field when they manufacture their products. The personal injury attorneys of Roberts & Roberts urge all of our readers and clients to contact their Congressman and demand that they vote for this law. It is one of the few laws that Congress should pass that would actually help both consumers and American manufacturers.

If you, or someone you love, have been injured by a defective product or unsafe machine or drug, call us. For nearly 30 years, the personal injury lawyers of Roberts & Roberts have been fighting to keep consumers safe from unsafe or defective products and drugs. We have the skill and resources to pursue that manufacturer and hold them accountable. Call us. The call costs you nothing… it could mean everything.

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