The Risks of Purchasing Chinese Tires

iStock_000057203928_LargeConsumers have faced a multitude of problems related to Chinese products, including toys with elevated amounts of lead, tainted toothpaste, and recalled pet food.  The issues with Chinese products are being reported more frequently now than ever before. One particular Chinese product under scrutiny is one of your vehicle’s most essential features… tires.

China exports approximately 65 million tires each year.  As of late, numerous Chinese tire manufacturers have been reportedly making unsafe tires available for sale to consumers in the United States.

A number of Chinese-made tires have come under scrutiny, but some of the most notable brands are AKS Tires, Compass Tires, Westlake Tires, and Telluride Tires.  All of the aforementioned tires lacked the most basic safety features every tire should be equipped with, such as cap plies and bead wedges.  Often times, these Chinese manufacturers have very minimal, if any, measures in place to ensure quality control and are, all too frequently, using manufacturing practices that are long outdated.

While several Chinese-made tire brands are more affordable, their low price is proving to be at the cost of consumer safety and could potentially be life-threatening.

If you are looking to buy new tires for your vehicle, consider all of your options carefully. The cheaper option is probably more appealing to most consumers, but when it comes to safety… Chinese-made tires are a potentially very risky purchase. The product liability attorneys at Roberts and Roberts have been working for nearly 30 years to hold manufacturers accountable for their products. If you have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle wreck, or an 18-wheeler collision, call the attorneys at Roberts & Roberts. The call costs you nothing… it could mean everything.

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