Phone Apps That Help Keep Drivers Safe

Dec 29, 2016 - Driving Safety by

Phone Apps That Help Keep Drivers SafeAs a Texas personal injury law firm, we see so many cases where people were injured – or caused an injury to others — because they became distracted behind the wheel, often checking their phones for text messages or responding to them.

While we realize that sometimes this is an irresistible urge, it is dangerous and may also soon be against the law in Texas. The best thing to do is to just turn your phone off while you are driving. However, realizing that there are a lot of you out there who may not heed this advice, there are some new smartphone apps that can help you drive safer:

LifeSaver — this free app runs in the background all the time and uses GPS to lock the phone whenever it senses you are in a moving vehicle. There’s a passenger-unlock feature if you’re only riding instead of driving. (iOS and Android)

DriveMode — a free app available only to AT&T customers, it silences incoming texts and calls when a car is going more than 15 mph. It sends an automatic message to anyone texting you that you are driving and can’t reply right now. (iOS and Android)

Safest Text Auto Reply — this free app allows you to put your phone into “do not disturb” mode whenever you wish. When engaged, the app will send a personalized message to whoever is calling or texting you. (Android only)

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