Tips on Driving Safely in a Storm

Dec 28, 2016 - Driving Safety by

Tips on Driving Safely in a StormKnown for its fast changes in the weather, Texas is much more prone to rain and thunderstorms during all times of the year than most other states, which is why it’s important for Texas residents to know how to drive safely during a storm.

During a heavy rain, water accumulates on the road and if the rain comes in a short period of time, the water doesn’t have time to run off the road. This is when it becomes much easier for vehicles to lose traction, or “hydroplane” because there is water between the tires and the pavement. This is an extremely dangerous situation for you as well as other drivers because you temporarily lose control of your vehicle, which increases the chances of a car accident.

Here are some tips on what to do if you find yourself driving in a thunderstorm or heavy downpour:

Pull safely over to the shoulder of the road and stop. Be sure you are far enough away from trees or other tall objects that could potentially fall on your vehicle. Turn on your emergency flashers and keep windows closed. You are better protected from lightening if you remain in your vehicle.

Avoid contact with metal or other conducting materials. If lightening strikes nearby, it can travel through wet ground to your car. Rubber tires will not protect you, so avoid any contact with metal objects or other potential conductors.

Avoid flooded roads. Most flood fatalities are caused by people who tried to drive through standing water. Just two feet of water is enough to wash a car away, and water depth on a roadway is not always obvious. Water that is rising rapidly can stall your vehicle. The best choice is not to drive through water.

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