Holiday Safety Warning: Keep Medications Out of Reach of Children

Holiday Safety Warning: Keep Medications Out of Reach of ChildrenTwo of the things we love most about the holidays – visiting family and friends and being tempted by lots of new treats to eat – can be a lethal combination when it comes to small children having access to medications.

Children are naturally curious, so when they see a medicine bottle containing what looks like candy, they are likely to try it. Many seniors have medications without childproof caps, and if children visit and medicines are not kept out of sight and out of reach, the consequences could be dire.

Parents are reminded to be sure medications are stored safely, and to follow these guidelines to ensure holiday safety:

  • Keep all medicines – including vitamins and herbal remedies – out of the reach of children;
  • Put all medications away after you use them;
  • Teach your children about medicine safety;
  • Ask your houseguests to keep their medicines out of sight and out of reach;
  • If you are visiting someone, ask that they take safe measures to keep medication out of the hands of small children;
  • Keep the phone number for the Poison Help hotline (800-222-1222) in your phone and in a conspicuous place in your home.

Here are some tips on teaching your children about medication safety:

  • Teach kids that medicine should only be given by an adult; they should never take it on their own.
  • Never refer to medicine as candy.
  • Educate older children on how to read labels on prescription drugs and fact sheets on over-the-counter medication.
  • Teach children that they should only take medicine meant for them. They should never take a friend’s medication.
  • Make sure children know that medication instructions are rules, not guidelines; they should never take more than the recommended dose.

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