How to Childproof Your Home

How to Childproof Your HomeParents cannot be everywhere, so it is important for those with small children to take advantage of the many safety devices on the market today to childproof your home. These devices include:

  • Safety locks and latches for cabinets and drawers in kitchens, bathrooms and garages to prevent accidental poisoning or choking.
  • Safety gates at stairways to prevent falls or to keep children out of other rooms that are potentially dangerous.
  • Childproof door knob covers and locks to prevent children from entering or leaving.
  • Anti-scald devices for faucets and shower heads.
  • Smoke alarms on every level of the house and in each bedroom.
  • Childproof window guards and safety netting to prevent falls from windows, decks or balconies.
  • Corner and edge bumpers to prevent injuries from sharp furniture edges.
  • Electrical outlet covers to prevent electrocution.
  • Carbon monoxide alarms in bedrooms to prevent CO poisoning.
  • Inner cord stops on mini blinds and tassels on each separate window blind cord to help prevent strangulation.
  • Anchors on furniture and appliances to avoid tip-overs.
  • Appropriate protection around pools and spas.

In addition, parents should take the following safety measures to protect children at home:

  • Store household products and medicine away from food and beverages.
  • Use the stove’s back burners and turn pot handles toward the back of the stove to keep hot pots and pans out of the reach of children.
  • Keep kitchenware and appliances out of reach and away from the edge of counters and tables.
  • Unplug hair dryers and electric rollers after use to prevent electrocution from contact with water in the bathroom.
  • Place furniture away from high windows so children won’t climb onto windowsills.
  • Make sure window blinds do not have looped cords — they can be strangulation hazards for children.
  • Remove free-falling lids from toy chests, which should have lids that stays open or very light, removable ones.

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