How to Teach Children School Bus Safety

How to Teach Children School Bus SafetyWhenever school is in session, it is important for drivers to be sure they know the rules of the road when it comes to school bus safety. However, it is equally important that children understand how to be safe on or around a school bus.

Here are some tips for parents to help keep children safe when taking the bus to school:

  • Make sure children have plenty of time to reach the school bus stop so they don’t have to run.
  • Be sure children stay out of the street and on the sidewalk on the way to the bus stop.
  • Walking in groups helps make children more visible to drivers.
  • Have children wait at least ten feet back from the street, well out of the way of passing traffic.
  • Remind children to look to the right before getting off the school bus to be sure a car isn’t trying to sneak past the bus.
  • Teach children never to exit the bus until it is completely stopped.
  • When meeting children at the bus after school, make sure you are on the same side of the street where they exit, so they don’t have to run across the street to get to you.
  • Teach children that it is important to remain seated while on the bus, and to listen to the bus driver at all times.

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