Teaching Kids to Be Safe Around Dogs

Handsome Young Boy Playing with His Dog Isolated on a White Background.Most children love dogs, but not all dogs love what children do when they are around them, so teaching your kids to be safe around dogs will help them avoid a nasty bite. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid bothering dogs when they are eating
  • Don’t take a dog’s bones or toys
  • Avoid putting your face right up to a dog’s face
  • Avoid bothering a dog while he is resting — let sleeping dogs lie!
  • Avoid grabbing tails or ears
  • Avoid climbing on or trampling a dog
  • Avoid hugging a dog; most do not like it
  • Avoid shouting — always use an inside voice with a dog

Avoid shouting — always use an inside voice with a dog
If your family is thinking about adopting a dog from your local shelter, consider this advice:

Ask the shelter staff why the dog is there – was he picked up as a stray? Given up by an owner? If a dog was given up, see if you can find out why – these days, it is very common for great dogs to be given up because their owners can no longer afford them, but you want to be sure they weren’t surrendered because of behavior issues.

Watch how the dog reacts to his environment – Shelters are often noisy, hectic places and can bring out the worst in already aggressive dogs. If the dog you like is sitting calmly, chances are he is just that: a calm dog.

Watch how the dog reacts to people – When you approach, does he become interested and friendly? Or is he aloof? A dog that isn’t friendly with people can have aggression issues. If he is hunkered down at the back of his kennel, he is probably afraid of people, which is a dog bite waiting to happen.

Ask to take the dog out to a quiet yard or room – Once there, you want to see a dog that pays attention to you, is comfortable with being petted and seems happy to be around people. If the dog moves away, growls or doesn’t want to be touched, find another dog.

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