Tips for Safe Home Playgrounds

Tips for Safe Home PlaygroundsA recent study showed that playground injuries in children are likely to be more serious when they occur on home playgrounds rather than at school or public park. The primary reason for this is that the landing surfaces on home playgrounds are not as safe as those that are required for school and public playgrounds.

The study found that children injured on a home playground were 30 percent more likely to be hospitalized for their injuries, and 50 percent more likely to have a broken bone. Young children aged three to five had a 72 percent greater chance of sustaining a severe injury on a home playground.

Every year, more than 200,000 children visit an emergency room because of an injury suffered on a playground. Most of these accidents occur because a child falls from playground equipment onto a surface that does not provide adequate protection.

To make a safer home playground, safety experts advise parents to:

  • Create landing surfaces made from loose materials like wood mulch, engineered wood fiber or recycled rubber mulch filled to a minimum depth of nine inches.
  • Be sure the protective landing surface is installed at least six feet in all directions from the playground equipment.
  • Check playground hardware to be sure there isn’t any sharp or protruding metal parts that could potentially harm children.
  • Remove any tripping hazards such as tree stumps, rocks or concrete footings.
  • Look for any spaces that could potentially trap children and be sure ramps and platforms have guardrails.

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