Preparing for a Consultation with an Attorney

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Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be extremely scary and confusing. Many questions will seemingly need to be answered immediately. How will I pay for these medical bills? What is going to happen with my car? How will I get to work and school? Do I need to talk to an attorney?

Let me answer one of those questions for you… Yes, it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney. All the questions you have running through your mind can be answered when you meet with an experienced personal injury attorney.

To make your consultation as productive as possible, follow these guidelines for being prepared:

Know the facts – The facts and details surrounding your accident will help the attorney determine the best way to help you. Important facts to know: What caused your accident? Who was placed at fault? What is the estimate of your property damage? What medical treatment do you need? Once these questions are answered, the attorney may suggest you simply need some good, sound legal advice before you head off to settle your own claim. However, these facts may suggest you need to hire an attorney.

Bring important documents – The more documentation you have, the better. Create a file for your hospital or doctor visit records, police report, auto insurance declaration page, medical insurance card, driver license, social security card, photos, and any witness names and numbers.

Make a list of your questions – Don’t walk out of the attorney’s office and realize you forgot to ask that one important question. Make a list of what you want to know before you go. A lot of information will be covered in your meeting, but making a list will keep questions from being forgotten.

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