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Are medical errors now the third leading cause of death in United States?

May 25, 2016 - Miscellaneous by

Have you heard stories of surgeons removing the wrong leg, arm or even removing the wrong organ? Of course you have, and don’t think they are just punch lines to jokes or medical myths. These stories originated from real situations and the scary part is that they still happen today. Would you believe that even the top medical schools in the country are prone to such a mistake? A patient has filed a lawsuit against Yale New Haven Hospital for allegedly removing a section of the incorrect rib during surgery, only to try to cover up the medical error.

Don’t think it couldn’t happen to you or a loved one. Researchers for patient-safety recently published a study in the British Medical Journal that gives evidence to prove that medial errors in medical facilities have become frequent and should be considered as the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. as medical errors are claiming more than 250,000 lives each year. That’s more that general accidents, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease and even respiratory disease.

“It boils down to people dying from the care that they receive rather than the disease for which they are seeking care,” said Martin Makary, a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who led the research. He further stated that poor physicians are only partly responsible as so much of it is communications not being fully carried out, especially when a patient is transferred from one department to another. While communication breakdown is a shocking component that makes up part of the 250,000 deaths in the U.S., the breakdown of the numbers is even more terrifying. The research has shown that more than 700 patients a day are dying of medical errors. Only heart disease and cancer rank higher. Unfortunately, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) receives no report of errors made by medical facilities or staff that led to patient’s death. This makes national reporting difficult which keeps the spotlight off the problem.

If a patient experiences short-term, life-long difficulties or death, the patient or the patient’s family may be entitled to compensation. Only a medical malpractice lawyer can investigate claims on your behalf without you ever paying money up front. You don’t pay a dime unless the experienced malpractice attorney wins your case.

There are time limits in which you can file a claim. If you don’t know if you are within your right to file, simply contact a lawyer who practices medical malpractice cases and explain the time frame of your case. Once the attorney advises you of your rights, always remember when signing with a lawyer that you should never have to pay a dime up front. You shouldn’t pay unless they win your case.

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