Beware of Exploding Cell Phones

We have all heard about the dangers of cell phone usage; people texting and driving causing a wreck or even not looking up from their cell phone and being hit by a car while walking. Another danger we have heard regarding our cell phone is radiation. Can a cell phone give you cancer?

Well, throw in a new danger to using your cell phone… your phone exploding. Now, we have all heard about people saying their phone exploded, meaning they got a lot of phone calls. It’s probably rare that you have heard somebody say their phone exploded, and they actually mean it blew up.

Unfortunately, this appears to be a new trend. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, it received over 83 reports of cell phones blowing up or catching fire in the past two years.

Reports include a California teenager who suffered burns when her cell phone caught fire in her pants. According to first responders, the phone burst into a “fist-size flame.” Another cell phone exploded in a backseat near a child, throwing parts of the cell phone into the car but fortunately avoiding the child.

The cell phone industry of course denies any responsibility. They blame the explosions, if any, on counterfeit cell phone batteries. They also claim that if these explosions are happening, they are very rare.

Many consumer activists dispute the telephone manufacturers’ claims. They note that some reports of cell phones exploding occurred within a relatively short term after the phone was purchased. Therefore, there was not enough time for the original factory battery to need to be replaced by a counterfeit battery or time for extended battery abuse.

Some people believe that coins or keys may be a source of the problem. These metal objects can come into contact with metal tags used in cell phone batteries and may potentially cause the batteries to overheat.

Others blame the lithium batteries in cell phones. One expert noted that gases inside a lithium battery can actually start to expand causing the cell phone to burst or even explode.

Other problems are that cell phone batteries are abused. They are left charging overnight which can cause the battery and/or phone to endure excessive heat.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises you to only use chargers designed for your particular phone. The CPSC also wants consumers to be alert for knockoff or counterfeit accessories. These counterfeit accessories are cheaply made and may lack many of the safety devices that brand name cell phones have, including safety functions to detect overheating and prevent an explosion.

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