Teen Driving Safety: How to Find the Right Drivers Ed Program

Nov 6, 2018 - Teen Drivers by

One of the most anxiety-producing moments in a parent’s life is when their teen reaches the age where they are able to get a driver’s license. Even though current studies show that teens are more likely to be older these days when first applying for a driver’s license, the concern is still the same: how to keep teen drivers safe behind the wheel.

Most parents prefer that their children take a driver’s education course to prepare them for responsible driving. Unfortunately, many public schools have discontinued driver education courses due to cost and liability issues. Today, most driver education courses are run by small business owners, and are loosely regulated.

So how do you find a suitable driver’s education program for your teen? Driving safety experts recommend these tips:

Pass/fail rate. If the course is too easy to pass, it probably isn’t doing the job. Find a school that doesn’t hesitate to hold students back if they are not ready for the road.

Driving hours. Ask how many hours your child will spend getting actual driving experience, and choose a school that focuses on teaching true driving skills rather than how to change a tire.

Class hours. Driving schools should be using professional textbooks that include checklists they can share with parents to demonstrate the skills your child is mastering and which skills need improvement.

Professional instruction. Meet the instructor who will be teaching your child to assess his or her level of professionalism.

Getting your teen properly prepared to be a safe driver will go a long way toward relieving some of your anxiety when they hit the road.

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