New Alcohol Detection Systems That Could Save Lives

Automobile accidents that are caused by intoxicated drivers account for over 10,000 fatalities and nearly 300,000 injuries in the United States every year; these numbers correlate to a staggering 194 billion dollars in related damages and costs. Studies have shown that drivers with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08—the legal limit—are 4 times more likely to get in an accident and drivers with a BAC of .15—nearly twice the legal limit—are 12 times more likely to be involved in an accident. However, since 2008 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been researching and working on new technology to tremendously decrease the amount of these accidents that occur every year.

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NHTSA has recently unveiled 2 new models of alcohol testing technology which they call Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS), they plan to have these systems completed within the next 5 to 8 years. These models would prevent the car from operating in the scenario in which the driver’s BAC is above .08, similar to ignition interlock devices usually used for DWI offenders. NHTSA does not plan for these prototypes to be a mandatory part of vehicles in the future, but offered as a voluntary upgrade to vehicles such as automatic braking or lane departure warning systems.

The two recently introduced DADSS include a breath detecting system and a system that operates by touch:

  • The breathalyzer DADSS system is located on the driver’s side door or on the steering wheel and is able to detect alcohol particles in the air around it. The system takes noninvasive air samples, so even if the driver refuses or simply does not remember to blow into the device, it will be able to detect the amount of alcohol the person has consumed.
  • The touch DADSS system would place a touch sensor on the ignition or the gear shift, the sensor uses near-infrared tissue spectroscopy to detect alcohol below the skins surface in under a second.

Though they are still years away, these new technologies are taking the next big step in the fight against the continuing problem of intoxicated driving and reducing the number of drunk driving related injuries and fatalities each year.

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