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Possible Link Between Talcum Powder And Ovarian Cancer

Prozac For decades, talcum powder has been used as an ingredient in many consumer products, one of them being Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder. Over 20 studies that were conducted on the link between baby powder and ovarian cancer concluded that females have an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer from using this product.

The studies show that women that use Baby Powder around their genital area may have a 41% increased risk of developing ovarian cancer due to talcum causing inflamed tissue and creating ideal conditions for the growth of cancerous cells. As many as four studies explain that the longer the female uses the product, the more at-risk the female is to ovarian cancer. Questions about the manufacturer’s commitment to consumer safety have been raised. Johnson & Johnson never took appropriate measures to warn the users of Baby Powder that there is a dangerous connection between its use and ovarian cancer.

Failing to alert consumers brought a lawsuit in 2013 against the manufacturer. A jury awarded a woman in North Dakota over 70 million dollars who had been using the talc based product for over 30 years and had developed ovarian cancer. Several physicians tested the cancerous cells found in the woman’s tissue and testified that the cancer had developed due to talc powder.

Women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and have used baby powder are urged to contact an experienced talc powder lawyer immediately. Physicians have been unable to convince Johnson & Johnson to put a warning label on the product and as a result those that have been harmed by the talc product may have a claim against the manufacturer.

With these types of cases, there are time limits and those considering seeking a talc lawyer should do so as soon as possible. Always speak with an attorney who offers a free initial consultation and never sign with an attorney who requires money up front. You should not have to pay any attorney’s fees or expenses if you hire a lawyer on a contingent fee contract.

Even though Johnson & Johnson have refused to place a warning on their product label for Baby Powder, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified genital talc as possibly carcinogenic. Don’t wait to contact a personal injury attorney if you have used Baby Powder and have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Time limits that vary state by state could cause you to miss out if you wait. Call us, day or night. The call will cost you nothing, it can mean everything.

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