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Unsafe Toys, Injuries and Your Legal Rights

Parents and grandparents purchase toys under the assumption that they are safe and will not cause any harm to our children, but some toys are unsafe. They are poorly designed, poorly built and pose a safety risk to children who play with them.

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to design toys that keep their intended users safe. This includes designing toys in accordance with expected behaviors of the age of the intended user. All products must be designed to withstand the level of use that can be reasonably expected from their consumers.

Toy manufacturers must anticipate that children may put toys in their mouths, throw them, or play roughly with them.  They must design toys that can withstand these conditions and not cause injury to the child.

When toy manufacturers and retailers fail to ensure the safety of their products, they put our children at an extremely dangerous risk.

At Roberts & Roberts, we believe manufacturers should be held to account when they make unsafe toys that cause injury.  If your child has been injured by an unsafe toy, consult a Texas toy injury lawyer at Roberts & Roberts to understand your legal rights to seek financial compensation.

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Unsafe Toys – From Lead Pain to Laceration Hazards

Unfortunately, companies all too often make toys that pose dangers to their consumers. Manufacturers can release toys that contain lead paint or pose choking or laceration hazards without providing adequate warnings to parents.

When accidents occur involving unsafe or dangerous toys, parents may have a legal claim to compensation. Bringing such claims forces manufacturers to take responsibility for their defective products.

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