Chicco Polly High Chairs

Description:  This recall involves a range of Chicco Polly high chairs with pegs on the back legs intended for tray storage. The high chairs have a folding metal frame for storage and a reclining seat. The recalled high chairs can be identified by the model number and date code printed on a label on the underside of the seat, close to the footrest. The date code is in the format DDMMYYYY or YYYY-MM-DD. High chairs included in this recall were manufactured prior to October 13, 2010 and have one of the following model numbers on the label:00063803430070; 05063803260070; 00063803480070; 05063803270070; 00063803490070; 05063803570070; 00063803580070; 05063803660070; 04063765000070; 05063803970070; 04063765540070; 06063765650070; 04063765760070; 06063765970070; 04063803630070; 06063803650070; 04063803860070; 06063803770070; 04063803900070; 06063803820070; 05063765020070; 06063803960070; 05063803020070; 06063803970070; 05063803220070; 07063803780070.

Hazard: Children can fall on or against the pegs on the rear legs of the high chair, resulting in a bruising or laceration injury.

Remedy:   Consumers should contact Chicco for a free peg cover kit which will be mailed to them. To help prevent injuries before repair, consumers should store the tray on the pegs when the high chair is not in use.

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