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A lot of people just want to know, what is a fair settlement? Anyone who tries to answer that question without knowing a great deal about your case probably is not giving you an accurate answer. I can tell you what you’re entitled to in the typical Personal Injury case. First of all, you’re entitled to be compensated for your past and future medical care. That is your medical bills not only as of today, but what you may need in the way of future treatment. Secondly, you’re entitled to be compensated for your lost wages or loss of earning capacity, again not only up to today but what you may not be able to earn in the future because of your injury, and last of course, you’re entitled to be compensated for your physical pain, your physical impairment and mental anguish. Once we have studied your medical records, investigated the accident and determined how the injury has affected your life and will affect your life, we will answer that question for you.

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