Filing an Insurance Claims

When you file a claim on an insurance company, you need an experienced lawyer.

Experience matters.  Why?  Because, insurance companies keep statistics on lawyers and law firms, just like we would keep statistics on a baseball player.  They check to see:  if you’re a lawyer, if your law firm is experienced, if they go to trial, do they try cases regularly in front of juries and will they fight for you.   How do I know this?  It’s because for the first 15 years of my practice, I worked for insurance companies and I know a little bit about how they evaluate claims.

The insurance company, if they know there is an experienced lawyer on the other side; they may treat your case differently.  They may do the right thing and treat you fairly.  Because they know if they don’t, you have a lawyer, you have a law firm with the resources and the tenacity to go to court, present the evidence to a jury and get a fair result for you.

At Roberts & Roberts, that’s how we look at your case.  Right out of the gate, they’ll know you have lawyers that will fight for you.

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