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Many clients ask, “We filed a lawsuit, so does that mean we are going to the courthouse?” “If so, when?” “What’s next?” Well, in Texas, what’s next is called the discovery process. That’s just legal talk for, both sides get to exchange information with each other about what the claims are, what the defenses are. We give them access to records in regards to your medical treatment, your lost wages. The other side may even request your deposition, which is nothing but a sworn statement. We will have plenty of time to get you prepared for that, and will go with you to that deposition.

At some point there will be mediation, which is an informal settlement conference. And all this takes time, 9 to 12 months minimum. At any point in that process, we may get your case resolved, but maybe not. And if the defense isn’t treating you fairly, you can rest assured that with Roberts & Roberts, if they want to go to the court house, we know right where it is.

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