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Tips for Buying a Safe Car

Buying a new car can be an  overwhelming task. Luckily, safety professionals have put together a list of new features that are beneficial, and even essential, when purchasing a new car.

Stability Control and ABS—Both of these features can help drivers retain control of their vehicles in dangerous situations. When looking at vehicles with increased rollover risk, like trucks and SUVs, this is an essential feature to look for.

Electronic Steering Control (ESC), Traction Control and AWD—These features are useful if you live in an area with significant snowfall or rainfall because they can improve traction in poor weather and off-road conditions.

Reverse Sensing—These backup cameras help to prevent impacts with objects that might be below your line of sight.

Roll Stability Control—For vehicles that stand tall and have a high center of gravity, this feature reduces the risk of rollover in extreme cornering or evasive turning.

Curve Control System (CCS)—This is an extension of roll stability control. The system senses when you are entering a curve too quickly and automatically slows the vehicle speed.

Blind Spot Detection—This feature warns a driver that a vehicle is in his or her blind spot by having sensors monitor the vehicle’s sides and rear for other vehicles approaching and alerts the driver with lights mounted in either the sideview or rear-view mirrors or the door.

Forward Collision Warning—This feature senses when the vehicle ahead is slowing or stopped and alerts the driver of the risk of a possible crash. When your vehicle gets too close to the vehicle in front, a signal alerts the driver.

Advanced Forward Lighting—This is a term used for lights that can automatically adapt to changing road and visibility conditions.

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