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If your work takes you to peoples’ homes, you will eventually meet “man’s best friend.” Every year, thousands of postal, utility company, and delivery service employees as well as sales people are victims of dog bites. To stay safe, know these tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of a dog attack:

  • Don’t show fear. A dog is more likely to attack if it senses fear
  • Don’t startle a dog. If you are passing a sleeping dog, whistle softly or make some other nonstartling noise to gently make the dog aware of your presence
  • Never assume a dog won’t bite. Any breed and any size of dog is capable of attacking
  • Keep your eyes on the dog. Dogs are more likely to bite when you’re not looking
  • Face the dog if it runs toward you and slowly back away. Don’t turn and run

Unfortunately, dog bites are not just a workplace risk. Nearly half of the victims of dog attacks are children. Dogs can truly be “man’s best friend” as long as we teach ourselves and our children how to approach and handle them.

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