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Texas Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

When people in East Texas and across the country have suffered life-changing injuries, they look to the catastrophic injury attorneys at Roberts & Roberts for the help they need to put their lives back together.

Over the decades, Roberts & Roberts has established a national reputation for representing clients in significant personal injury matters. Most of the personal injury attorneys at Roberts & Roberts are board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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Our firm has been featured on dozens of television programs including Fox and Friends, ABC Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, Fox Business News, CNBC, and NBC’s Dateline. Our Texas personal injury lawyers have also been featured in magazines including Time and Newsweek.

We serve clients in Waco, Beaumont, Lufkin, Texarkana, Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, Athens, Henderson, Commerce, Jasper, Crockett, Carthage and Mexia, as well as throughout East Texas and across the state.

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Texas Catastrophic Injury Lawsuits

Life-changing or life-ending injuries can result from many different kinds of accidents, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, defective products, workplace accidents, oilfield accidents and more. Many of the catastrophic injury lawyers at Roberts & Roberts are Texas board-certified in their practice areas and they know what it takes to succeed in a catastrophic injury lawsuit.

Listed below are some of the types of catastrophic injury cases that our attorneys handle.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries. A bundle of nerves that runs from the brain through the spine, the spinal cord controls motor and sensory functions and is responsible for transmitting messages to and from the brain. If the spinal cord is damaged, paralyzing injuries such as quadriplegia and paraplegia can result. Spinal cord injuries also cause other physical complications, many of which can be fatal or life-altering.
  • Amputations. The removal of a body extremity by trauma or surgery, amputations are serious and debilitating injuries that affect the lives of the amputee and those around them. In addition to physical problems, an amputation can have a serious impact on the victim’s psychological wellbeing. Many cases of amputation are caused by physical trauma, including car accidents, defective product accidents and workplace accidents.
  • Brain Injuries. Each year, traumatic brain injuries contribute to a substantial number of deaths and cases of permanent disability in the United States. People who survive often face long rehabilitation programs and a lifetime of disabilities. Many brain injury victims cannot return to work or work at the same level as before the accident. The most common causes of traumatic brain injury are falls, auto accidents, blows or strikes to the head and assaults.
  • Burn Injuries. More than a half-million people are treated for burn injuries every year, and up to 12,000 victims will die from their burn injuries. If they survive their injuries, many burn victims will face a lifetime of pain, scarring, disfigurement and disability. Frequently, the treatment of serious burns requires painful skin grafts. Defective products, flammable materials, car accidents, structural fires, gas explosions, workplace accidents and faulty electrical wiring are some of the most common causes of burn injuries.
  • Wrongful Death. When the death of a family member results from someone else’s wrongful act, neglect or carelessness, Texas law considers it a “wrongful death.” The law allows for just compensation for the wrongful or needless loss to the family. Wrongful death claims can arise from many types of fatalities, regardless of whether they occur on the job, on the road, in a recreational environment, or from an unsafe product or sub-standard health care.

Our lawyers use the latest technology to represent catastrophic injuries when our clients’ cases go to trial. By using high-quality 3D animation, slide shows, interactive timelines and medical illustrations, we can actually show the jury how our client was injured and the type of harm they have suffered instead of merely describing it. As our jury research indicates, these visual exhibits can be highly effective in seeking the compensation our clients deserve.

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