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How We Handle Your Case

Your Legal Team

Roberts and Roberts Law Firm blogRoberts & Roberts has formed an experienced team of legal professionals to handle your case. The law firm has also created a two-step system to better serve you: we use a Pre-Litigation Section and a Litigation Section for separate stages of your case. Both the legal team and these sections are designed to provide ongoing communication and to present your case in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

The legal team consists of the attorneys, legal assistants, and investigators.

  • An attorney supervises the preparation of your case, handles final settlement negotiations, prepares your case for trial, and takes it to court if necessary.
  • When we are trying to settle your case without filing a lawsuit, a legal assistant from the Pre-Litigation Section will perform all day-to-day duties on your case and will be available to answer your questions.
  • If we file a lawsuit, day-to-day details and any questions you have will be handled by a new legal assistant from the Litigation Section.

The Benefit of the Roberts & Roberts System

Our goal is to provide you quality legal representation. No matter how aggressive we may be, obtaining a recovery for you is a slow process. A significant period of time may pass before your case is resolved.

We developed our system of separate Pre-Litigation and Litigation sections to handle your case as efficiently as possible and to give you an open channel of communication. This innovative system will benefit you as we strive to provide the best possible legal representation.

The Progress of Your Case in the Pre-Litigation Section

Your Pre-litigation Legal Assistant:

Bruce Roberts supervises the Pre-Litigation Section. He will be assisted on your case by a legal assistant. While your case is in this Section, the legal assistant assigned to help you will be in charge of all day-to-day activity on your case. Your legal assistant is, therefore, best qualified to answer any questions you may have.

As you see doctors and other health care professionals who treat your injuries, your legal assistant will be obtaining accident reports, witness statements, investigative reports, medical bills and reports, and other information necessary for your case. Mr. Roberts regularly meets with all the attorneys and legal assistants so that the entire legal team can review the status of your case during this lengthy process.

Answers to Questions About Your Claim:

During the time that you are under a doctor’s care, there will be very little information to provide you about your case. However, it’s important to us that any questions you have are answered promptly. Your legal assistant is on call for those questions. If your legal assistant is unable to answer your question, he or she will meet with Mr. Roberts to get you the answer.

When you have finished your medical care, we will prepare a settlement brochure which we will send to the insurance company. It usually takes the insurance company eight to twelve weeks to review the brochure and make an initial offer. At this point, your Roberts & Roberts legal team puts a great amount of work into negotiating with the insurance company to obtain the most favorable settlement for you. The negotiation process usually takes an additional four to eight weeks. If a favorable settlement is achieved, Mr. Roberts will meet with you to go over the settlement and to give you your check.

The Progress of Your Case in the Litigation Section

Filing a Lawsuit:

If a favorable settlement cannot be obtained for you, your case will be transferred to our Litigation Section and a lawsuit will be filed. Randell (Randy) C. Roberts supervises the Litigation Section. The team in the Litigation Section concentrates solely on preparing cases for trial. Although the Litigation Section will still try to settle your case, the procedure in the Litigation Section is quite different from that of the Pre-Litigation Section for handling your case.

Preparing your case for trial can be a very long and expensive process. It will be necessary for you to come to our office to answer questions sent to you by the attorney representing the insurance company. You may also be asked to give a sworn oral statement called a “Deposition”. In addition, you may be required to supply certain documents and to answer other questions. It takes up to two years for your case to go to trial.

Your Litigation Legal Assistant:

A legal assistant will be assigned to help manage your case in the Litigation Section. Your legal assistant will assist you in answering the insurance company’s questions, scheduling your deposition, keeping you informed as to the status of your lawsuit, and perform all other duties in your case to ensure that every step proceeds as smoothly and quickly as possible. In this role, your legal assistant is in the best position to know the details of your case.

Answers to Questions About Your Lawsuit:

There will be long periods of time with no change in the status of your case, such as while we wait for a court date. During these periods, there will be little information to give you. Nonetheless, you may have questions and we welcome them. Any time you have questions about your lawsuit, your legal assistant will be available to answer them.

Personal Injury Specialists

The law firm of Roberts & Roberts specializes in representing people who have been injured by unsafe practices and products. Roberts & Roberts brings a high level of expertise to the practice of obtaining a favorable recovery for accident victims.

These two stages are part of the overall claim resolution stages in your case.

At the end of the case, our legal fee will be paid out of any money damages recovered for you. If no money damages are obtained, no legal fee will be charged. You’ll receive a copy of the fee agreement at the time of your initial interview.

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