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If you have suffered a serious personal injury and are looking to hire a lawyer, one of your main questions is likely to be, “What can this law firm do for me?” Listed below are some examples of the special care our Texas personal injury attorneys provide each of our clients to make sure their cases get the attention they deserve.

  1. We make ourselves available to help you 24/7. You can get in touch with us any time of the day, any day of the week because we have a 24-hour answering service. If you call and leave us a voicemail, your message is immediately sent to our email. We can listen to your voicemail through email on our iPhones. Here is something that is unique to our firm: We give every client our personal home phone number.
  2. We come to you. We come to you.We make house calls and hospital calls when you cannot come to us. We have clients all around the United States, and it is not unusual for us to meet with them wherever they are.
  3. We help you get the medical care you need. Even if you lack health insurance, because of our good standing in the medical community, we are able to help you get the medical care you need from the appropriate health-care professionals before you have to settle your case.
  4. We help you get a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired.Accident Investigation We have an arrangement set up with a national car rental agency to put our clients in a rental car while their vehicles are being repaired.
  5. We help you get your vehicle repaired. We have a property damage adjustor on staff who works with insurers to get our clients’ cars fixed quickly and properly. We are happy to explain the complicated property damage laws that relate to your vehicle damage.
  6. We promptly investigate your accident and preserve the critical evidence. We have a full-time investigator on staff. We can store evidence at our storage facility, including large items such as cars. We have an accident reconstruction team on call 24-hours a day.
  7. We help you document and collect your lost wages. We will help you obtain your lost wage statements from your employer. We can also file a claim on your auto insurance’s personal injury protection (PIP) coverage to collect your lost wages — without charge. We will also hire certified public accountants (CPAs) to evaluate the loss to your business, and we retain economists to calculate other losses.
  8. We identify and collect all insurance benefits that are available to compensate you. Many people are unaware of their right to be compensated under their own insurance policy through their uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. You may be entitled to coverage under your own policy, and we will help you collect it. We will also look at whether the other driver might have been driving in furtherance of a business activity in order to invoke commercial coverage, as well as personal insurance coverage. We will also investigate whether the true cause of the accident was a defective product, and whether a defective product could have made your injuries worse than they would have been.
  9. We work with your creditors while you are trying to get back on your feet. You don’t need to file bankruptcy while you wait for your settlement. We will work with your creditors to make sure they know your case is under way and that we will ensure that they are paid out of the settlement.
  10. We have the resources to hire the experts to prove your case. In addition to investigators and accident reconstruction teams, we hire economists to project future lost wages, life-care planners to calculate future health-care needs and other experts necessary to establish the facts in your particular case. We travel the country to find the right expert for your case.
  11. We get and review all of your relevant medical records.
    We review your medical records.
    You don’t have to get your medical records; we will get them for you. When necessary, we will bring in medical specialists to review your records.
  12. We have the staffing, expertise, and experience to get you the right settlement or to take your case to court. Most of the attorneys at Roberts & Roberts are board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Board certification is bestowed on attorneys who have substantial experience in a specific legal field and who have demonstrated competence in that area of the law. Board certification sets these attorneys apart as a law practitioner with the highest commitment to their area of legal specialization. Roberts & Roberts holds the highest rating (“AV”) from the Martindale-Hubbell Attorney Rating Service and is included in its Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers.
  13. We use the latest technology when our cases go to trial. 
    In personal injury, medical malpractice and product liability cases, we often use high-quality 3D animation, slide shows, interactive timelines and medical illustrations. These visual exhibits can be highly effective. They allow a jury to actually see how our client was injured and the extent of the injury our client has suffered instead of merely describing it.
  14. We offer alternative forms of settlements to ensure that you do not lose your eligibility for future government benefits or other insurance benefits. We offer structured settlements, special needs trusts, and Medicare set-asides to protect other benefits you may be entitled to. Some of these options will protect you from creditors as well. We make sure that your settlement remains tax-free to the extent allowed by law.
  15. We keep you informed.
    We keep you informed.
    Clients receive a copy of every legal document in their case sent by our firm. Most lawyers do not routinely send their clients copies of these documents. We know that when you’re involved in a lawsuit, you think about it every day, so knowing what is going on gives you peace of mind. Receiving full information about your case ensures that you are ready to make the best decision about your case when the time comes.
  16. We work on a percentage, so you are not obligated to pay us unless you are compensated. The attorney’s fee is a percentage of your recovery. You will not be obligated to pay any attorney’s fee, court costs, or other legal expenses unless you are compensated.

Many factors set the Texas personal injury attorneys of Roberts & Roberts apart from other law firms. The qualifications of our attorneys and the national recognition they have received for their work in prior cases assure you that your case is in the hands of qualified professionals.

At Roberts & Roberts, there are a number of extra steps and services that we provide for all of our clients, regardless of whether they were injured in a car crash or truck wreck, a workplace accident, an accident involving a defective product or any other type of accident resulting in a serious personal injury.

This is just some of what we can do for you.  So what can you do?

Call us.  The call costs you nothing.

. . . It could mean everything.

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