Prescription Drug and Medication Side Effects

Oftentimes, a prescription drug is rushed to the market without adequate testing of its side effects. When that happens and you take the medication, you may suffer side effects and be seriously harmed by an unsafe drug. Roberts & Roberts offer drug injury lawyers to guide you through your case.

And this list of drugs:

If you or a loved one is the victim of a prescription drug side effect, talk to a knowledgeable Texas drug personal injury attorney. At Roberts & Roberts, we have years of experience helping victims of pharmaceutical injuries.

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Drug Makers And The Rush To The Marketplace

Pharmaceutical companies often find it difficult to strike a balance between consumer safety and their own financial interests. Drug makers feel competitive pressure to get their medications onto the market as quickly as possible. This can result in problems with a new drug being overlooked and patients being unnecessarily harmed. This is where a drug injury lawyer comes into play.

  • See an example of one of our investigative reports into drug and medication side effects. The investigation centers on reports of liver damage and liver failure caused by high levels of acetaminophen in the body.

Do I Have a Case?

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