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What Can a Tyler Personal Injury Attorney Do For Me?

I’m often asked, what can a Tyler personal injury attorney do for me? Well, when you come to a full service personal injury law firm like Roberts and Roberts, you can expect more than just help collecting your lost wages and medical bills. Sometimes the help that you need may be routine things such as getting your car repaired or getting a rental vehicle while your car is being repaired, or perhaps getting you the right medical care particularly if you don’t have medical insurance, but sometimes what we do for our clients is more challenging and that’s conducting a complete and immediate investigation. We have a full time investigator on staff and we have a stable of accident reconstruction experts waiting for our call, and one of the things we pride ourselves in doing is making sure that all the evidence is preserved and documented long before the insurance company or the defense company tries to go in there and tamper with any evidence. Now, sometimes it becomes more complicated. Sometimes where you really need help is in identifying all the insurance that may be available to help you. Determining what insurance is out there, how to make a claim for it, and making sure that it’s all collected is one of the most valuable services we provide beyond conducting an immediate investigation. Another service we provide is helping you work with your creditors. A lot of times, you’re unable to go back to work or you’ve lost the breadwinner in your family, and your creditors may not be as understanding as perhaps we hope they would be. We can work with your creditors to make sure that they give you the space and the time that you need to get back on your feet so that you can go about leading as much of a normal life as possible until we can bring about a just and fair resolution for your case. Another thing that a good personal injury attorney can do for you is to make sure that your settlement is set up properly. For example, you want to make sure that the funds that you receive are tax free and that can be done by setting a settlement up in a certain manner. More importantly, if you receive any type of government benefits based upon need, you need to make sure that your settlement is set up so that you don’t lose your right to those government benefits. So, making sure that you not only receive full and fair compensation but that it doesn’t deprive you of the benefits that you’re already entitled to from government sources, or whatever sources you may have available to you, can be one of the most challenging things that an attorney can do for you to make sure that you’re getting a complete settlement that puts you back on your feet. If you want to know everything that a personal injury attorney can do for you, I recommend that you go to our website and go through all the different services we offer. You can find us at www.robertslawfirm.com and if you think you need help, give us a call. It costs you nothing, it could mean everything.

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