The Texas Crash Report

The Texas Crash Report, also known as the Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report, is a document filled out by a law enforcement officer when the crash resulted in injury or death, or when the apparent damage is equivalent to, or exceeds, $1,000. The report identifies the “Who, What, When, Where, and How” of the accident. It is a crucial document in evaluating and settling your claim.

Requesting the Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report

Both regular and certified copies of your crash report are available upon request. A regular copy is for personal records, and a certified copy is used for official documentation, such as in a legal proceeding. In order to obtain either copy of the crash report for your records, the completion of the appropriate request form is required. Click Request for Copy of Peace Officer’s Crash Report to obtain either a regular or certified copy of your crash report.

The Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report Code Sheet

The current Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report requires that you have the “Code Sheet” available to properly interpret the report. Click Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report – Code Sheet to download it for use in your situation.

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