The Dangers of Yaz and Yazmin

Two of the most popular oral contraceptives in the country are Yazmin and Yaz, both manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Yazmin was introduced to the market in 2001, followed by Yaz in 2006. They were considered a new generation of birth control pills. They differ from older generations of birth control in that they use synthetic progesterone called drospirenone. Drospirenone has an anti-androgic property which means it works against testosterone and other hormones.

Ever since Bayer introduced these products into the market, it has had multiple warnings by the Food and Drug Administration about its aggressive advertising of these products. The FDA initially chastised Bayer for advertising these drugs as a cure-all for a multitude of known female menstrual conditions which in fact it did not treat.

As Yaz and Yazmin’s popularity grew, so did the problems associated with the drug. Drospirenone has been found to increase the levels of potassium in the human body. Potassium can lead to blood clotting. Although Bayer continues to downplay these dangers, the risks of blood clots and medical complications associated with taking Yaz and Yazmin continue to grow.

A study recently released in Canada linked the deaths of 23 Canadian women to Yaz and Yazmin. Many died from blood clots only weeks after beginning to take the drug.

Similar studies in the United States have also found some evidence linking women taking Yaz and Yazmin with blood clots. As of January 2012, there were approximately 10,000 lawsuits filed against Bayer Pharmaceuticals by women who claimed to have suffered blood clots and the families of women who died after taking the drugs Yaz and Yazmin.

According to one published report, Yaz and Yazmin are the most complained about drugs on the internet, with thousands of women enforcing complaints. Bayer countered these lawsuits with two studies that claimed that the risk of taking Yaz and Yazmin was no worse than taking other birth control medications.

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