If you have been injured and are looking for help from a Texas personal injury attorney, you will undoubtedly run across a few that carry the designation “board certified in personal injury law.” What does this designation mean and should you care?

In 1974, the Texas Supreme Court created the Texas Board of Legal Specialization to set standards for attorneys who wanted to specialize in specific areas of law. The Court recognized that consumers may become confused about how qualified a particular attorney was in practicing a specific kind of law. The Court also recognized that there were some areas of the law so specialized that it would be difficult for attorneys without a special concentration in that area to practice.

For an attorney to become board certified in personal injury trial law, he or she must have been practicing law for at least five years and must have specialized in personal injury law for at least three years. In addition, an attorney must take 60 hours of continuing legal education in the area of personal injury trial law. Then, the attorney must submit to the Board of Legal Specialization a list of names of other attorneys and judges that attorney has practiced with or in front of to confirm his expertise in handling personal injury matters. Finally, the attorney must take a difficult six-hour examination.

Once an attorney is board certified in personal injury trial law, he or she must maintain the certification by continuing to specialize in the area of personal injury, continuing to take legal education courses in the area of personal injury, and resubmitting references of other attorneys and judges to show that he/she continues to practice in the area of personal injury trial law. In Texas, only 1.5% of all attorneys are board certified in personal injury trial law. Roberts & Roberts is among the few Texas personal injury law firms with board certified personal injury attorneys.

The same reasons you would want a specialist for a specific medical problem -- you wouldn’t go to a brain surgeon for a heart problem -- apply to wanting an attorney board certified in personal injury law to handle your personal injury claim. They typically have more experience (and thus more leverage) with insurance companies and are likely to get you a fair settlement without having to go to trial. Plus, like most personal injury attorneys, they typically work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no out-of-pocket expenses or fees to retain a board certified attorney.

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