Bayer’s Mirena IUD Under Investigation

Bayer’s Mirena IUD was originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2000 and was prescribed for women who had at least one child.    Bayer advertised that the device was safe and effective.  Bayer also said that this small t-shaped plastic IUD that is implanted in women could be left in for up to five years without problems.

Unfortunately, this appears to be incorrect.  On November 20, 2012 the Food and Drug Administration released its Adverse Event Report on Mirena.  There were over 45,000 complaints about Mirena through June 2012.  Those problems included device expulsion, device dislocation and device migration.  More than 6% of the women with complications required surgery.

Device migration means that the IUD moves from its original position after being inserted.  When it moves it can perforate or embed itself in the uterus.  In these situations a doctor must locate and surgically remove the device.

The Mirena IUD may also migrate outside the uterine cavity and cause scarring or adhesions that can lead to infertility.  Depending upon the type of damage caused by the migration, women may require a complete hysterectomy, and more serious complications can result in life-threatening injuries or death.

Because of the numerous complications caused by Mirena, many of the women who have used it are now considering lawsuits against the device and its maker, Bayer.  In lawsuits already filed, the injured women are claiming that these complications were preventable if Bayer had properly researched Mirena and given proper warnings to women.

For over 30 years the personal injury law firm of Roberts & Roberts has been representing Texans injured by unsafe products and medical devices.  Our lawsuits against national manufacturers have resulted in safer products and fewer injuries across the nation.  If you or someone you love has been injured by Mirena IUD or other medical device, you should immediately consult with a Board-certified attorney experienced in handling complex claims involving defective products and medical devices.

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