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Should I Hire a Local Lawyer for a Medication or Medical Device Injury?

At Roberts and Roberts, we specialize in handling certain types of recalled prescription drug and medical device or medical implant cases, but no law firm can specialize in every type of case. What happens when a particular prescription drug or medical device is recalled, there will be several law firms around the country that emerge as the leaders in that particular type of litigation. When a client comes to us with a claim involving a type of medical device or prescription drug that we don’t specialize in, we try to refer that client to one of the nationally recognized law firms in that particular type of litigation.

So, the question often comes up, why should I hire a local law firm, or more specifically, why should I hire Roberts and Roberts to help me with a case that’s going to be handled by a law firm out of state? Well, there’s several reasons. First of all, we can help you identify the right law firm for your case. It’s not always easy in this environment, in which anything can be said on the internet, to identify a competent and reputable law firm. Secondly, we will personally monitor your case while it’s being handled by that law firm. One of the reasons those law firms are so specialized and so good at that particular type of case is because they handle hundreds, if not thousands, of those cases. That’s one of the disadvantages as well. You may lose that personal attention. With Roberts and Roberts, you know that we are personally reviewing and monitoring your case to make sure it receives the individual attention that you deserve. A third reason that you may want to consider hiring a local law firm, in this case Roberts and Roberts, for assistance with a case that involves a national recall is that we can help you with the local witnesses, for example, your treating physician. They’re not always accessible to that law firm that’s out of state. The best reason, however, for hiring Roberts and Roberts to assist you with whatever type of prescription drug or medical device claim you have is that it doesn’t cost you anymore. You see, the standard attorney fee in these cases is divided between our law firm and the out of state law firm that we select based upon our agreement to accept joint responsibility for the representation of your interests.

The next time you’re thinking about hiring a law firm out of state to help you with any type of case, consider the advantages of working through a local law firm that you know and trust, a law firm like Roberts and Roberts that can help you get the expertise you deserve as well as the individual attention that you deserve.

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