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Why Are Truck Wrecks Different From Car Wrecks?

Truck wrecks are different than car wrecks. What I’d like to talk to you about are three major reasons why they’re different. First, trucking companies usually have full-time investigators and accident reconstructionists on their staff and available 24 hours a day to get out to the accident scene to document their version of how they say the wreck happened as quickly as possible. Your typical auto insurance company, that insures somebody in an auto accident, typically will not devote those kinds of resources to proving their version of the case. So, when you’re dealing with a trucking company, understand that when there’s a major wreck involving serious injuries, they are probably going to have an accident reconstruction team on-site shortly after you arrive at the hospital.

The second reason that truck wrecks are different from car wrecks is because of the importance of the documents involved in the trucking industry, and how quickly they may be lost. You see in a truck wreck, a truck driver’s log books, or perhaps his maintenance and inspection records may be critical in not only determining how the accident happened, but why it happened and how it could have been prevented. These documents are not required to be kept indefinitely. In fact, the law allows the trucking company to dispose of these records within a few months after the wreck. So, it’s important to get the appropriate subpoenas out for these records before they’re disposed of in the routine course of business.

Perhaps the most important difference between a truck wreck and a car wreck is who winds up defending the trucking company. You see in a truck wreck in which there are often catastrophic consequences and high stakes, the trucking companies often hire law firms that specialize in representing trucking companies. They’re typically board-certified attorneys who do nothing but represent these trucking companies across the country.

Here at Roberts & Roberts, we not only have attorneys who are board-certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, but we have attorneys who are specialist truck wreck lawyers. We have a full-time investigator on staff. We have accident reconstruction teams available 24 hours a day with a phone call. And most importantly, we have attorneys who are committed to representing you in this type of major claim. So call us, we can help. The call costs you nothing. It could mean everything.

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