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Do I Have a Prescription Misfill Case?

We’re getting more questions and calls about mistakes made by pharmacists. According to the institute of medicine, medication errors injur 1.5 million Americans and kill as many as 98,000 people each and every year. More people die annually from medication errors than die in motor vehicle accidents or from breast cancer. Many of these errors are dispensing errors made by pharmacists. Like other industries, staff cut backs and budget constraints are having a negative effect. Since there are fewer pharmacists and technicians, they are often overworked. They are being asked to fill more orders in shorter periods of time. They’re tired from working longer hours and overtime and they are making mistakes and these major mistakes are increasing every year. These errors are tragic and 100 percent avoidable. Roberts & Roberts has successfully represented clients harmed by prescription misfills. If you have a question regarding a medication error, call us.

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